Monday, October 1, 2007

The Resume Format Example

Follow this resume format and get interviews...

Use Basic Formatting only and a common readable font like Arial - No headers/footers/tables/macros so that it can be easily read by applicant tracking software and reformatted.

Candidate Name and Contact information (Contact information should not be in a header or inside a table)


(This should address the position requirements – It should include single bullet points that are loaded with key industry, role and skill key words - numbers stand out)

  • Over 15 years of diverse enterprise level PM/BA/QA experience including large Programs of over $50MM with stakeholders at the Directir/VP/SVP level
  • Experience working with teams as large as 50, with On and Off-Shore internal and vendor resources
  • 5 years PMLC/SDLC experience following Waterfall and Agile methodologies in a  Matrix environment.
  • 10 years of Capital Markets Front, Middle and Back office experience, working with applications, IT, users and business groups
  •  5+ years extensive Business Analysis experience
  •  Experience working with various business units to map out business processes,  capture system requirements and identifying issues


2013 - 2017        Company Name
Project Manager/Business Analyst/QA

(project description and scope, responsibilities, accomplishments, outcome, environment, industry and type of applications – again numbers stand out – point form is easier to read than paragraphs – Hiring managers think in terms of resource, technical and functional, gaps in their environment, show that you have been in that environment –– again #’s, group size, project size in $, people led, # users.

Major Projects should be listed separately)
  • Sole Business Analyst for a $30M software development project
  • Acted as lead BA on project from initial business requirements and performed business process analysis
  • Liaised with Stakeholders at VP level, reported to multiple stakeholders across division.
  • Led onshore/offshore team of 25 through user acceptance test phase
  • Met project targets,  timelines and budget.
  • Prepared process maps/flows using Visio for eBusiness Architecture
  • Managed as many as 5 concurrent major and minor Projects

Environment: ASP.NET, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, VB.NET, W2K, IIS6.0, MS SQL Server2000, Mainframe,




End of Resume....

Dave Soteros is President of Alrym Consulting. He has over 10 years of experience with career coaching, career planning, career counseling, resume writing, interviewing, hiring, resourcing and recruiting.

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SenthiLakshmi said...

Do we need to add our Personal Details in the Resume. If yes, what are the limitations and where to mention it (is it in the beginning or at the end)

Also do declaration is important for Resumes

I came know that Resumes should start with the Name and not the words like "Resume" or "Curriculam vitae". Is it true?

Dave Soteros said...

Personal details aren't required in the US or Canada but they may be important in other countries.
The resume should start with your name and contact information.